Waterskiing and Wakeboarding in Ireland

Watersports club in summerhill, county meath

Our water sports club invites both beginners and professionals to our man made lake purposely built for the best experience in waterskiing and wakeboarding in Ireland.

What we offer



The best way to enjoy waterskiing is on a calm water, being towed by a  specifically designed Waterski boat. Thankfully, we have both of these.

Waterskiing is both fun and a great all-around workout.

Whether it’s your first time or you want to get more buoys on the slalom course, we have the perfect safe environment to learn.

wakeboarding in ireland


Wakeboarding is the cooler cousin of waterskiing, being developed from a combination of sports such as water skiing, snowboarding and surfing.

There’s nothing like the feeling of jumping off a boat’s wake and landing that perfect trick.


Open water swimming

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or just want to introduce swimming in your morning routine, you can do so by getting a yearly membership plan with us.

Swim times start early morning, so please check our swimming schedule.

Facilites focused on professionals

wakeboarding lake

Built for performance

Wake N Ski is a man-made purpose-built wakeboard and waterski lake in Summerhill, Co. Meath, just 45 min from Dublin City Centre.

With the lake being 700m long and 50m wide, it provides plenty of space for an enjoyable set on the water.

Its high banks give protection from the wind making for ideal conditions 

skier passing buoy

Competition ready

We have a tournament slalom course for our slalom skiers.

We also host a yearly Slalom Ski Competition sanctioned by the Irish Waterski & Wakeboard Federation.

wakeboarding boat

Watersports powerboat optimized for easy learning

If you’re a complete beginner, our boat comes equipped with a training bar on the side. This will allow your instructor to talk you through the technique and positions.

It will also help you with the deep water start and give a feel of the wakeboard or waterskis, before giving the rope a try.

All equipment included



Whether it’s waterskiing or wakeboarding you want, pick from a range of sizes of skis or boards that we have to suit you.

wet suit

Wet suits

Stay warm in the colder days with one of our wet suits. They come in all shapes and sizes.

life vest

Life vests

Life vests are a must in any watersports activity. They offer that extra buoyancy, so you’ll stay afloat, no matter how you land.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding in Ireland

we're based in summerhill, county meath

Located just 45 min from Dublin City centre, Wake N Ski offers wakeboarders and skiers the perfect place to get on the water.

Frequently asked questions

Wake N Ski is in the parish of Moynalvey close to summerhill Co. Meath Ireland approximately 45min from Dublin City.

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Our main activities are wakeboarding and water skiing.

We  offer a swim only membership, which entitles you to swim during the designated swim times (April – October).

  • 5am – 3pm (Monday-Friday)
  • 5am – 10am  (Saturday Sunday & Bank Holidays)
You can also book a Sauna session which includes access to the lake dipping area during your session. Bookings can be made on www.lagoasauna.ie

We totally do. We have a training bar at the side of the boat which give you the best possible chance to learn the technique of the deep water start.

All skiers and riders must wear a life jacket. So no, you don’t need to be able to swim. But you should be comfortable with being in the water.

We use Nautique. They are globally recognised as world-class  Boats for wakeboarding and water skiing.

Wake N Ski is run from a purpose-built man-made lake located in Moynalvey Summerhill, Co. Meath.

The Lake was developed by John Prunty and the Prunty Family. Construction started in 2003 and took approximately 5 years to fully excavate the lake. Its high banks make it ideal for wakeboarding and waterskiing, as it is naturally protected from the wind.

Its total length is just under 700 meters with a width of 50-75 meters.

The total surface area is 37,000 m².

It varies from 1.8m shallows point to 6m deepest.

We have a floating 4-line 6 buoy course with pre gates. We can drive a split for beginner slalom skiers to get a feel of the slalom course.

We regularly host National slalom tournaments.

It’s weather dependent, but normally April – November.

No. Bookings are essential.

We offer a swim only membership. We do not offer a pay as you go option.

Wakeboarding and waterskiing do carry inherent risks of injury or even death.

Wake N Ski is committed to operating the sport in a professional and safest manner possible.

We have skier/riders aged 7 all the way up to 70+.

The Bus Eireann 111 comes within 3.9km from Wake N Ski. If travelling by bus, give us a call beforehand and we might arrange a lift from the bus stop.

Wake N Ski is fully wheelchair accessible with bathroom and shower facilities. We also have custom made adaptive equipment.

No. Wake N Ski boats are the only boats allowed on the lake.

Yes you can book your sauna session with www.lagoasauna.ie